Max is the hero, set on defeating the Mutant Mudds. Being somewhat of a whiz kid, Max created his own heavy-duty water cannon and H20-powered jetpack to thwart the evil Mutant Mudd army.
Max's Grannie is a smart cookie. She taught much of what she knows to her grandson. Grannie has created a few upgrades to Max's equipment that can be "earned" with Golden Diamonds in Grannie's dusty attic.
The Sacky Sit-Sit is considered the laziest Mutant Mudd in the army. Their routine mainly consists of sitting. Don't be fooled by their cool demeanor, though; their touch is still harmful, and they tend to perch themselves in tricky places.
Sacky is a wobbly Mutant Mudd who can be found in most places throughout Max's world. They have many cousins that are also quite active in the Mudds armed forces.
Skeyes are fine examples of the mutations the Mutant Mudd army is capable of. A brown eye in the sky; Skeyes are tough cookies that patrol in search of foes.

The smallest type of Mutant Mudd that has been cataloged is the Inch-Mudd. These pesky little guys require Max to crouch down low to blast them. Very sneaky!

Being a fairly large mass of Mudd, Bricksworth requires more water-blasts to take down than most. Their size also makes them a little trickier to avoid, if trying to jump over them.
A close cousin to Sacky, Sacky Flyer is equipped with small fairy-like wings that somehow enable it to fly for long periods of time, ignoring all reasonable laws of physics.
With the ability to regenerate its' eye, Eye Shot fires its' own eyeball out as a projectile at a steady pace. Keep your eyes open for this muddy fiend.
Another example of law-defying physics, the Pork Plop has a surprise up its... sleeve? Get too close to one of these flying foes and you'll be dodging dangerous bombs.
Convinced they are part of the royal guard, Royal Mudds come bearing arms in the form of a shield and a sword. Approach these firecrackers with caution.
A special 3D enemy that slides back and forth between playfields. Pass by these guys with haste to avoid being hammered and slammered.
A special 3D hazard that spins around a fixed point, moving from the background to the foreground. Pass by these quickly to avoid being spiked.
A special 3D enemy that leaps and stomps between playfields. Pass by these guys swiftly to avoid being stomped upon.
A special 3D enemy that sits in the background and blows strong winds into the foreground. Pass by these puffs carefully to avoid being blasted into the foreground layer.